CONVERGE kickstarted the calendar year 2021 with a very important meeting with Concawe STF-3 Group.
Check all the information directly on the website of the event.
Optimal configuration was found for the electrochemical hydrogen compression system.
The D6.2, deliverable entirely dedicated to the biomass supply chains assessment, has been completed.
CFE has successfully presented a paper for the CONVERGE project.
We are organizing a workshop on CO2 Capture and Utilization.
During the weeks 8 and 9, tar cracking experiments were performed successfully at TNO with tar rich product gas.
The video of the CONVERGE concept is now available on Youtube, inside the PoliMi channel.
CONVERGE will host a European workshop on biomass techno-economic assessment.
ENVIRAL hosted a very fruitful meeting in Piešťany (Slovakia).
Catalytic Cracking of Biomass-Derived Hydrocarbon Tars or Model Compounds To Form Biobased Benzene, Toluene, and Xylene Isomer Mixtures.
Over 20 European projects on biofuels joined together in the Biofuel clustering workshop in Brussels hosted by INEA.
Members of the consortium met in Florence for the first CONVERGE progress meeting.