CONVERGE @ Concawe Meeting

CONVERGE kickstarted the calendar year 2021 with a very important meeting with Concawe STF-3 Group, a group of experts focused in assessing the sustainable biomass availability in EU.

Concawe is a division of the European Petroleum Refiners Association, an AISBL operating in Belgium, whose members are all 40 companies that operate petroleum refineries in the European Economic Area.

Concawe is exploring a cross-sectorial Low Carbon Pathways (LCP) programme, identifying opportunities and challenges for different low-carbon technologies and feedstocks to achieve a significant reduction of the CO2 emissions associated with both the manufacturing and use of refined products in Europe in the medium (2030) and longer-term (2050).

The meeting was held on January 11th and POLIMI (Giampaolo Manzolini) and CFE (Marco Ugolini) presented the Converge concept and the biomass assessment methodology respectively.

The two presentations can be found here (POLIMI) and here (CFE).

We are very thankful to Alba Soler Estrella, Coordinator of the STF-3 Group and Science Associate for LCP, for inviting the Converge Consortium to the Secretariat meeting and we are confident that will find further opportunities to share new data, information and ideas with Concawe SFT-3 Group in the next stages of the Converge project.

Stay tuned!