WP 2: Gas clean-up and BTX production

This work package deals with two technologies, the CCT and BITS and aims on an integrated test for which several milestones need to be reached.

Major challenges are the conversion of tars without cracking the BTX fraction but with sufficient conversion in order to have a valuable biproduct (BTX). Second issue is the design and construction of such
a reactor in which the catalyst will be used. From the point of view of feedstock preparation, sub-task will be carried out to monitor and determine the specific parameters of provided side stream.

Specific parameters will be analysed to ensure the sustainable constant conditions of feedstock (water content, compositions with respect to carbon content, metals, sulphur, and other species will be assessed to inform energy balance and feedstock quality considerations).


The objective of the pre-treatment work package is to produce a gas that can be used without any issues in the Sorption
Enhanced Reformer. Therefore, the following objectives are defined.

  1. Development of a catalyst which cracks tars to molecules smaller than C8;
  2. Development of cracking process model(s), involving chemical reaction kinetics, external/ internal transport
    phenomena and fluidics;
  3. Design and construct a reactor in which the catalytic cracking of tars in a product gas can take place;
  4. Testing of the CCT setup in combination with BITS producing a gas of sufficient quality for the SER.