TNO Energy Transition focuses on the development of high-level knowledge and energy technologies that enable the transition to a sustainable future. TNO is active in projects both at national and international level, in joint efforts with industry, government authorities and other research institutes. The core activities include biomass, solar energy, wind energy, energy efficiency, environmental engineering, climate change, and policy studies.

TNO Biomass and Energy Efficiency group is contributing to the transition to a sustainable future by developing and implementing thermochemical conversion technology, in combination with catalysis and separation technology, for the conversion of biomass into chemicals/materials, fuels, electricity and heat. The focus is on creating maximum added value through smart co-production schemes based on cascading and biorefinery concepts, making use of the “molecular capital” in the biomass and biomass as a sustainable carbon source. A range of experimental and analytical facilities (combustion, gasification, pyrolysis, gas cleaning, catalytic synthesis, membrane and sorbent reactors for separations) are available for lab and pilot-scale research and development.

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2018.05.14-18 EUBCE CPH

My name is Eleni Liakakou and I am a researcher at TNO, focusing on biomass gasification, gas cleaning and conversion to biofuels and biochemicals. Within CONVERGE I am responsible for the activities of WP2: Gas clean-up and BTX production. The objective is to produce a gas, from secondary biomass indirect gasification, that can be used without any issues in the Sorption Enhanced Reformer. TNO is responsible for the design and construction of a reactor for the catalytic conversion of tar compounds (CCT reactor) without cracking the BTX fraction. BTX will be recovered by the BTX scrubber (BITS reactor) and the complete setup will be evaluated in two test campaigns.