WP 6: Business case and Supply chain

Starting from the methodology definition, the commercial application of CONVERGE technology will be assessed by (i) defining the supply chain for different scenarios, (ii) developing a business case for the biodiesel production from secondary waste biomass, (iii) identifying market opportunities, and (iv) take advantage of negative CO2 emissions through BECCS.


The business case and supply chain work package is designed to identify the most interesting markets for development of the CONVERGE technology. This translates into several measureable targets:
• Produce secondary biomass supply chain evaluations and business cases for four distinct geographical regions; North Sea, Mediterranean, Central European and Scandinavian.
• Evaluate the use of developed technologies (CCT, BITS, SER, EHC and EMM) in other possible spin-off sectors, identifying the two most valuable spin-off sectors per technology.
• Specifically target the valorisation of remaining green and purified CO2 produced from the SER either in BeCCS typeapplications, and as a green carbon source for other applications requiring non-fossil fuel-based carbon.