Enviral is a leading, privately held company in the area of bioethanol production in Slovakia. It was established in 2004 and the commercial production of bioethanol was launched in July 2007. The tradition of ethanol production in the area is more than 100 years old.

Current annual production capacity is 145.000 m3 of bioethanol, which has been increasing every year thanks to continuous optimization of processes. The production of bioethanol is a fully biological process using the technology of alcoholic fermentation of biomass – corn (maize) at ENVIRAL premises. The Company has the best technical and appliance infrastructure adapted to production of ethanol from starchy raw materials at their disposal. The Company puts emphasis on quality and state-of-the-art technology and employs the brightest professionals, qualified in the field of chemical technology and biotechnology.  Currently, ENVIRAL pays the attention to its vision to realize a full scale commercial cellulosic ethanol plant for the commercial production of cellulosic ethanol from agricultural residues. 

Bioethanol is primarily destined for the fuel market or for further processing in refineries, for direct mixing with gasoline or according to the requirements of customers, it is possible to denature a product by various denaturing agents.  

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ENVIRAL’s team is represented by Dr. Petra Ondrejíčková, Mr. Tomáš Ježovič, and Mr. Ľubomír Šramek, team of experts in field of bioethanol and biodiesel production process. (Please see REMARK below) 

Dr. Petra Ondrejíčková is currently working as Senior specialist of Research and Development department in ENVIRAL and within the CONVERGE project she will contribute to WP6 package, working on environmental sustainability of biomass supply chain for biodiesel production, being responsible for report on Business Cases coupled to Supply Chains.

Mr. Tomáš Ježovič is a Chief technologist at Bioethanol Division of ENVIRAL a.s. He has expertise in the field of chemical technologies, technical studies and project management. Within the CONVERGE project he will be cooperating on CO2 valorisation report and market study of the co-generated negative CO2 emissions.

Mr. Ľubomír Šramek is an experienced Manager of Controlling Department evaluating ongoing investments and potential business opportunities. Thanks to his multi-year experience in administrative and technical support he will manage proper management of the CONVERGE project directed on Business Cases. He will contribute to administrative and economic procedures during the lifetime of the project.