Biorecro’s vision is to return to pre-industrial levels of carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere in order to avoid global climate change.

Biorecro is a Swedish company specialising in the commercialisation of Negative CO₂ emissions (i.e. the removal of CO₂ from the atmosphere) via a technology called BioEnergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS). Biorecro is involved in several BECCS projects and has served as an advisor for the Swedish government and has collaborated with many research institutes worldwide.

Biorecro’s Website

Biorecro’s involvement in CONVERGE

Biorecro is involved in WP1 (dissemination), WP5 (impact and social benefits of the valorisation of CO₂) and WP6 (Business case for the valorisation of CO₂).

We are Biorecro

Johanna Ek Wahlqvist an environmental engineer from specialised in management and analysis. Living and working in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Henrik Karlsson is the CEO of Biorecro and an important stakeholder of the work done within CONVERGE.

Nicole Michaelis is the Communication Manager at Biorecro. Nicole oversees communication within the consortium and leads external communication, such as the website and newsletters.